Job titleNameContact InformationResearch expertise
Professor and ChairmanLai,Wei-Chi(02)26215656 ext. 3516
.Templating of Nanostructured Polymers from Self -Assembly Organogels
.Structural and Dynamic properties of Self-Assembly Reverse Micelles
.Reverse Micellar Synthesis of the Inorganic particle/Polymer Composites
.The Structure-Property Relationship of Biodegradable Polymers, PLLA
.Preparation and application of gel electrolytes
Distinguished Professor & Vice President for Academic AffairsHo,Chii-Dong(02) 26215656 ext. 2724
(02) 26266632
.Solar air and water heaters
.Membrane Dialysis/Extration/
Distillsion/Gas absorption
.Thermal diffusion
.Heat-and mass-transfer Exchangers
.Cool-thermal discharge
Professor and Dean of Academic AffairsCheng,Tung-Wen (02) 26215656 ext. 2601
(02) 26219554
.Flux behavior and models for membrane ultrafiltration
.Methods for enhancing the filtration flux
.Mass transfer in the membrane mass exchanger with effects of diffusion and convection
.Study on the membran
.Hydrodynamics and solute transport in membrane nanofiltration
.Separation and purification of bio-product
ProfessorLin,Gwo-Geng(02) 26215656 ext. 3518
.Processing and rheology of the polymer materials
.Interrelationship of the morphology and the rheology of polymer
.Preparation and property of Polymer nanocomposite
ProfessorLin, Dar-Jong(02) 26215656 ext. 3285
(02) 26219584
.Polymer chemistry
.Polymer physics and polymer blends
.Porous membrane
.Application of porous membrane
.Dendrimer as molecular template
ProfessorYu,Hsuan-Fu(02) 26215656 ext. 2728
(02) 26219473
.Photocatalytic films and nanoparticles
.Opto-electronic ceramic films
.Soft and hard magnetic ceramic powders
.Development in synthesis techniques for advanced ceramic powder
ProfessorChang,Hsuan(02) 26215656 ext. 3282
(02) 26232094
.Process Intensification
.New Energy Process
.Green Process
.Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation
.Multiobjective Optimization Design
ProfessorCheng,Liao-Ping(02) 26215656 ext. 2725
.Polymer membrane
.organic-inorganic composite materials
.functional optical coatings
Distinguished ProfessorDon,Trong-Ming(02) 26215656 ext. 3519
(02) 26293856
.Chemical modification and applications of chitosan and chitosan-derived materials
.Studies on biodegradable nanocomposites
.Chemical modification of epoxies and epoxyacrylates
Associate ProfessorChang, Chao-Ching(02) 26215656 ext. 3287
.Hollow silica nanoparticles optical coatings
.Metal oxide nanoparticles composite coatings
.High-/low-refractive-index optical coatings
.Photochromic organic-inorganic hybrid coatings
.Low-temperature processes for opto-electronic thin films
Associate ProfessorLin,Cheng-Lan(02)26215656 ext. 2723
.Electrocatalysts for fuel cells
.Organic solar cells
.Photovoltaic materials
.Electrochromic materials and systems
Organic/inorganic hybrid materials
Associate ProfessorChen,Yih-Hang(02)26215656 ext. 3283
.Interaction between design and control of recycled processes
.Design and control of heat-integrated processes
.Modeling, design and control of fuel processor systems
.Modeling and design of PEM fuel cell systems
.Modeling, design and control of chemical hydride based hydrogen generating systems
Associate ProfessorHsu,Shih-Chieh(02)26215656 ext. 2032
.Blue and UV LED epitaxy and fabrication
.Wafer bonding technology
.LED optical and electrical measurement and stress analysis
Associate ProfessorHuang,Chao-Tsai(02) 26215656 ext.3517
Assistant ProfessorSu,Jenn-Fang(02) 26215656 ext.2722
.Energy and environmental materials
.Sustainable engineering in wastewater management
.Catalytic materials for photo-electrochemical process
.Organic-inorganic composites

Assistant ProfessorWang,Yi-Wen(02) 26215656 ext. 3286
.Integrated Circuit Package
.Metallic Bond
.Development of Pb-free Solder
.Microelectronics Materials
.Semiconductor Process
Job titleNameContact InformationResearch expertise
Associate ProfessorChang,Chun-Hsien
Assistant ProfessorHo,Chun-Sung
Assistant ProfessorSteve,Hsiao
Assistant ProfessorCHANG, HSU-HSIEN
Assistant ProfessorCHE-MING LIU
Assistant ProfessorLOW, CHONG-YU
Job titleNameContact InformationResearch expertise
Honorary ProfessorChen,Kan-Nan
.Functional polymers of aqueous-based resin
.Radiation-curable polymers for flame retardation, anti-corrosion, metallic ion extraction, and textile treatments
ProfessorHuey-Chuen I. Kao
.Solid state materials chemistry
.Electronic and ionic conductivity
.Magnetic properties of ceramic materials
.Organic-inorganic hybrid materials and corrosion protection
.Electrochemical Kinetics
.Surface Science
Honorary ProfessorYeh,Ho-Ming
.Heat and Mass Transfer
.Separation Technology
.Solar Energy
.Membrane Ultrafiltration
.Thermal Diffusion
.Application of Solar Energy
.Solid-Liquid Separation
.Membrane Separation Technology
.Powder Technology
.Membrane Bioreactor
.Hydrogen Storage Materials
.Organic-inorganic hybrid films for optical applications
.Synthesis of Phosphate Esters Containing Silicone materials
.Silicone Rubber Waste Recovery
.Composite membranes for pervaperation separation process
.Pretreatment of wastewater in cool-thermal storage process
.Utilization of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
.Hydrogen Systems Process Design and Integration
.Process Design and Integration of Green Chemicals
.Process Design and Integration of Biofuels
.Mathematical Modeling and Design for Naphtha Cracker
Associate ProfessorChen,Ching-Chung
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