Department Characteristics

We provide a sound education in chemical engineering and materials engineering. We also offer up-to-date professional courses, which can be further applied in the future, including process engineering, energy engineering, fine separation and filtration, nanocomposite materials, optoeletric materials, and green technology.
The education we offer is global, information-oriented, and future-oriented.
1. Computer and software usage is incorporated into our curriculum. Computer programming techniques are strengthened and applied to chemical process modeling.
2. A series of courses focusing on process analysis, green technology, fine separation, material technology and energy technology have been developed whose contents conform to the contemporary needs and future trends.
3. Faculty members are encouraged to conduct research on the basis of collaboration and teamwork. Novel research topics consist of fine separation and filtration, process design and integration, nanocomposite materials, optoeletric materials, polymeric membranes, and energy engineering.
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