Honor Board





Lin, Cheng-Lan

The "Water Treatment Technology Research Center" was formally established and was appointed as the director of the center by Associate Professor Lin.

The Water Treatment Technology Research Center takes the development of water treatment technology as the main axis and applies it to related issues such as desalination, water purification and industrial wastewater treatment, and further improves the quality of water resources and realizes the recycling and reuse of water resources.



Don, Trong-Ming

The student Tsai Yi-lin was awarded 2016 College Student Research Project Research and Creation Award by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Successfully held the 2017 Conference of Chitosan and Biomaterials, the date of the meeting: June 23, 2006 (Friday).

Successfully held 2017 technical high-level secondary school. The "Project design" teacher study at the Chemical Group School, meeting date: June 30, 2006 (Friday)



Chen, Kan-Nan

NIPU Innovation

Received two US patents


Huang, Chao-Tsai

Donate 40 million Moldex3D software by Moldex3D company


Hwang, Kuo-Jen

Cheng, Tung-Wen

Host the 12th World Filter Conference

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