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 Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
    The Department of Chemical Engineering was founded in 1971 with the mission of providing the society with high-quality education pertinent to the chemical engineering discipline, in response to the rapid growth of petroleum and chemical industries. A 4-year undergraduate curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Science degree was offered since then. To date, more than 6000 alumni have graduated and served in various industries globally. In 2003, the department was renamed “Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering” complying with the demands of the high-tech industry. Currently we have around 516 undergraduate students, 59 MS degree graduated students, and 5 doctoral degree students. In 2007, our undergraduate and graduate program passed the accreditation of engineering and technology education performed by the Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET).

 To pursue excellence in research, teaching, and service in the area of chemical, bio, and material engineering, graduate programs were established in 1992 (MS) and 2001 (PhD). By incorporating a wide selection of advanced courses and opportunity of conducting independent research, students were trained to possess in-depth frontier knowledge, high technical skills, and planning ability that are vital to their future careers in industry or academia. 

In support of the broad triple-objective (globalization, information-oriented education, future-oriented education) of the University, the teaching and research activities of our department are being restructured and reactivated. 
  • Computer and software usage are incorporated into our core curriculum. Computer programming techniques are strengthened and applied to chemical process modeling, design, and problem solving.
  • A series of courses focusing on material engineering, energy resources, and fine separation process have been developed with contents conforming to the contemporary needs and future trends. 
  • Research is conducted on the basis of collaboration and teamwork not only within the department but also outside the University. Novel research topics are selected in parallel with the rapidly evolving scientific environment, the foremost of which being nano-technology, biomaterial, and environmental control.
 The faculty and the staff of the Chemical and Materials Engineering Department are endeavoring to build the department into an internationally renowned center of excellence for research and education in its field.  
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