Bachelor’s Degree Program
The Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering is dedicated to training students to become talents with professional knowledge, techniques and ethics as an outstanding chemical and materials engineer. In order to offer students an education that is information-oriented, with international perspectives and future prospects, our Department focuses on: (1) Teaching incorporating with computers to help students cultivate the ability of program design and process simulation of chemical engineering. (2) Designing professional curriculum that is fit for future trends, centering on process analysis, green technology, fine separation, materials technology and energy technology. (3) Encouraging faculty members to conduct research and dedicating to the integration of research directions and resources. Now we have established research groups such as fine separation and filtration, process design and integration, nanocomposite materials, optoelectronic materials, polymeric membranes, and energy engineering. (4) Establishing “Premaster Terms and Regulations,” encouraging excellent students to continue their graduate study in our Department and get a Master’s degree in one year (a 5-year consecutive Bachelor and Master’s program). (5) Offering courses certified by the Institute of Engineering Education, Taiwan (IEET) and continuing to improve the quality of engineering and technology education in our Department to make our students highly competent in a global context.  
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